the revolution

February 6, 2012

is technology our friend or our foe?

We have developed machinery to assist in our way of living. We built computers then a network for them to talk to each. We then made our phones smart.  Now, we have programs to facilitate in our communication. The way we are communicating with each other is changing. Lou Heldman, professor at Wichita State University Elliott School of Communication said:

Communication comes in a far broader context.  In communication, we are looking for the sweet spot.”

how connected to technology are we?

Alone Together by Sherry Turkle

Sherry Turkle is the Author of Alone Together and also a professor of the social studies of science and technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a clinical psychologist.  In a video presentation, Turkle  says:

They [technology] keep us busy. We would rather text than talk [over the phone]. We are too busy communicating to think, to create, to really connect with the people we are with in ways to really make an impact. We are alone together. People are comforted by being in touch with a lot of people who they also keep at bay.”


questioning the goodness of technology

Facebook is a very interesting creature. Most people have a love/hate relationship with the service. The trend is changing as people get older.  In the article titled Why I Have Facebook Fatigue? by JP Mangalindan quotes his usage on Facebook as

a way of life — a heady, nonstop road I’ve traveled along for years, where street signs are replaced with dynamic real-time news feeds, and my fragile ego can be crushed or swelled with pride depending on the number of people who deign to like or, even better, comment on my posts.”

Communication through Facebook has become the norm that people who don’t have an account are often question for their reason for going against the grain.  Jenna Wortham wrote in her article titled Facebook Resisters about Susan Etlinger who is an analyst at the Altimeter Group. She said that “People may start to ask the question that, if you aren’t on social channels, why not? Are you hiding something?” Also was quoted saying “The norms are shifting.”

So to test this animosity towards Facebook, I asked the few friends I know why they don’t have Facebook accounts, this was their response:

  • “Facebook makes everything think that we are friends”
  •  “It kills the English language like texting”
  • “I don’t want people knowing my business”
  • “Facebook is the devil.”

I started on Facebook because it wasn’t MySpace. MySpace was the social site everyone was on. Facebook was designed for College students to keep in touch with each other. Now, I believe that it is an upgraded persona of the once popular MySpace. I do question what Turkle’s says “I share therefore I am”.  I guess my one line persona is defined by what I say. Facebook does have a lot of information about its user’s likes and opinions. This is Information which advertisers and business would like to get their hands on. With the company being a publicly traded company, the privacy of Facebook users now comes in question:

We are in the technological revolution. I believe we are moving into an era that will define what the appropriate methodology is and how we use the technology we are so fond of.  Stay tuned the show has just begun.


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