Open Letter to Facebook

November 22, 2011

Dear Markie Mark,

Mark Zuckerberg

As an avid user of Facebook, I would like first congratulate you on giving the world such a wonderful interactive tool that is being used across cultures globally. From its humble conception in your dorm to the global community it has become, Facebook is a stable part of in today’s society.  I would be the first one to tell you that I hesitated joining an online community to share me. But, Facebook has served me well in keeping in touch with my family around the world. In my opinion, there is always a BUT in any situation dealing with humans.




Facebook also has its own BUT. Even though Facebook is an awesome tool, it has some short falls which I believe that need to be addressed. First thing on the list is improvement on the security and privacy setting. Security is an important aspect of being online.  Facebook warns recent wave spam.  This is not great news to read. The most important part of any web site is how secure one’s information is. Changing your security and privacy setting to be more innovative will move Facebook forward. I know a lot of people who have Facebook accounts but do not that their information on their page due to the lack of trust. You need to give the consumers complete control over their privacy setting giving and who has access to my information. 

I would also appreciate it if you would bring back and add the notification system as part of the security setting about changes and activity in my account. I really enjoyed the service that you had provided. I was on my Facebook account more because of how much I checked my email. This also made it to know what was happening in my world of Facebook when I was at work. Not all employers are happy with the amount of time their employees spend online checking their Facebook account. My introduction to Facebook came when two of my college friends. Since then I have gone into the “work force” and I have realized that Facebook is considered a luxury in some work places. Even worse, the only access people some people have to their Facebook account is on thier smartphones. So reflecting on these situation, checking email is always so easier and I would strong prefer you bring this service back.

My second recommendation is to keep Facebook simple. Keep the entertainment simple. I would recommend mend going through and getting rid of games and applications that are the least used. Streamlining and purging the unsuccessful applications. A down point for Facebook is the spyware and viruses that are spreading through the program.


MySpace Logo

If you do not make these recommendations that you will turning into MySpace and Hi5!. They all started as social networking sites like you and at their peak they lost their identity. Now MySpace is know the place to go if one is interested in the music and Hi5! is now a game site with fewer individuals active on their site.  I do not want Facebook to be a fad, I would desire for my children to be able to see what I was up to online. 




So with our eyes to the future, my third and last recommendation is for you, Facebook, to allow active users to customize their page. As a company, I am sure that your design team has designed a variety of pages within your theme.  So sharing and allowing users to choose the type of theme that works with their personality would be moving a step forward for you. This would bring you a step closer to share your innovative ideas with the global community.  I desire for Facebook to remain unique and not to truly conform to others rather evolve and transform.





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  1. bretttrudo said

    This is a great post!

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