Tweet Tweet say Wichita Media Birds

November 2, 2011

Lou Heldman, the social media expert I know, mentioned that if anyone especially businesses are looking into using social media you need to have a plan. Brian Solis also writes in his book Engage!  that the biggest mistakes committed in social media occur when businesses jump in to social networks blindly, without establishing guidelines or a plan of action. So let’s take a look at  Twitter for businesses. Twitter says that they:

connect businesses to customers in real-time. Businesses use Twitter to quickly share information with people interested in their products and services, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and influential people. From brand lift, to CRM, to direct sales, Twitter offers businesses a chance to reach an engaged audience.

For those who are not familiar with Twitter like I was two months ago, Twitter is a mircoblog that allows you to send a message limited to 140 characters. So it a longer version of a text message which can be accessed on mobile and pc devices. These messages can be retweeted so using email as an example a retweet would be like forwarding an email to all your friends. I say this because I didn’t understand Twitter and its usefulness until four months ago when I was assigned for class participation to have a least three tweets a week. I use to think that Twitter was simplified form of Facebook. My reasoning being that I have a Facebook account so why would l need to open a Twitter account. This is why I included the for-dummy rendition of Twitter.

Danah Boyd, Scott Golder and Gilad Lotan wrote in their article, Tweet, Tweet, Retweet: Conversational Aspects of Retweeting on Twitter, that:

Because Twitter’s structure disperses conversation throughout a network of interconnected actors rather than constraining conversation within bounded spaces or groups, many people may talk about a particular topic at once, such that others have a sense of being surrounded by a conversation, despite perhaps not being an active contributor. The stream of messages provided by Twitter allows individuals to be peripherally aware without directly participating. Twitter combines elements of social network sites and blogs, but with a few notable differences.

Steven Johnson wrote in his article for How twitter will change the way we live time that as a social network, Twitter revolves around the principle of followers.

So from the information above, I hope that you have gathered the importance Twitter and tweeting as a social media.  Social media has become an significant of marketing and communication. I believe that anyone involved in any aspect of media realize that social media like Twitter is an extension of the organization in getting their voice to many. We are in digital world.

I have heard many times from a variety of people (J.D. Patton, Lou Heldman) in social media how Wichita has embraced Twitter.  So we are going to analysis six Wichita organizations on twitter @kansasdotcom, @KSNNews, @KAKEnews, @kfdi and @knssradio. Let’s look at status as of Sunday October 3, 2011:

    • @knssradio has 7,347 tweets, following 578 and 664 followers
    • @kfdi has 482 tweets, following 1,944 and 1,656 followers
    • @KSNNews has 1362 tweets, following 41 and 2,613 followers
    • @kwch12 has 11,282 tweets, following 193 and 5,523  followers
    • @Kakenews has 7,517 tweets, following 199 and 5,925 followers
    • @Kansasdotcom has 17,693 tweets, following 2,873 and 5,115 followers

    I was tasked to find out which organization does a good job on their use of Twitter. So deciding how to do this was an issue, as I wonder if I should base my decision from the number of tweets produced by an organization. This would imply that the organization is actively disseminating information to the community then the winner would be The Wichita Eagle (@kansasdotcom). Or should I use the numbers of the followers as they have as that would show who receive the information they send out. The winner would be KAKE News with 5,925 followers.

Well, Twitters purpose is to disseminate information to the masses.  I would have to say that the organization that does a good job is @kansasdotcom. My reasoning is that social media tools like Twitter are supposed to utilize. Wichita Eagle is actively informing their followers of the news and events that what is going on. With each tweet linked back to their web, The Wichita Eagle is trying to increase their visibility. In communication, visibility is essential. I must say that honorable mention goes to KWCH 12.

I believe that on any social media site, the louder you are there is a high chance someone is listening and your voice does need to be heard more.


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