Searching but not searching

October 12, 2011

Meet Brandi Koskie, a nerdy, smart Wichita native, and currently the Director of Publishing at Media Refined. Part of her job includes, an online web site designed to promote healthy lifestyle. Brandi has a passion for what she does and it showed when she gave her presentation. I gained a better understanding of web sites that are search engine optimization (SEO) web sites.

SEO (globe) by sachyn on

Key pointers being:

  • Have a Simple URL (route/category/subject)
  • Good clean home page
  • Good and valid content




Google went through the web using a program called Panda  to search and see which are valid and which were not. For, they saw an increase in traffic from 90,000 to more than 1 million views. As a website that totally relies on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing, having an increase in people clicking on their web site was welcomed. Google loves content. The influx made them reevaluate their website. The changes they included:

  • Redesigned their home page
  • Started having regular updates to web site
  • Cut the amount of ads displayed on their home page
  • Reevaluated top 10 diet programs
  • Added best questions
  • Provided a resource page
  • Integrated contact info for the different programs
  • Videos and video links

These changes helped them stay on the top page when searching for example diet and reviews on google.

Speaking of Google would you agree with the statement that “We are who Google says we are”?

Google taking over the internet from

Please take into consideration that when using Google as a search engine, you are at the mercy of what Google thinks is important and worthy to be ranked on the first page of a search.  When a person does a search for “flying monkeys”, as an example, the first page of results tends to be where most people stop.

For me this makes search engines especially Google, King of the internet. They control and rule the content available for people. Every user of the internet gave permission for Google to be royalty of the internet. No can point fingers at Google for Panda 2.0 or the ranking of web sites online as we the people have allowed it.

On a personal note:

What got my attention is the impact of social media and media has. For Brandi, it is not only a part of her professional life but has bled into her personal life as well. Hearing her tell the story about the conception and birth of her daughter Paisley on babyorbust showed how much Twitter, Facebook and blogs play a role in our lives today.

 Brandi explains about how her and her husband Shelton tried to conceive a child through “traditional” methods. They went to a specialist and found out that it will cost $20,000 USD to perform the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure. Through their blog, they asked friends to donate one dollar and they raised approximately $6,500 USD through this method. They also gained the attention of the Wichita Eagle. Their story moved through conventional media channels to being aired CBS Early Show.  It is amazing to see how social media with traditional media help get a step closer to having Paisley. 

Hearing Brandi talk about how she tweeted through the labor and birth of Paisley makes her the courageous and craziest person I have had the pleasure to meet. Bravo Brandi!

Random moment ;D

 Will Scoggin mentioned in his presentation that linking your twitter account to your Facebook status has a negative view on Facebook users. This message was echoed by Brandi when she explained that they used to link their twitter to Facebook and didn’t have many followers. Once she started posting status, she saw an increase in “likes”. People saw that there was a person interacting with them and not just someone posting information. 

I am one of those Facebook users who like to know that when I “like” a page, I would like to know that there is a human side. I enjoy being under the illusion that there is a human voice to a company/product/show and I care what they say.  For example, I know that Fox utilizes hootsuite to post status of different shows on Facebook. So I know that there isn’t a specific person I’m talking to. While the’s Facebook page  is managed by Brandi, I know that she is dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyle for on their Facebook page.

For this reason, I believe that companies who are going to be active on any social networking sites need to have a person on their payroll dedicated interacting and engaging  people.


2 Responses to “Searching but not searching”

  1. Twambi. First off, I love your cheering blog, and your post about Brandi was great. You gave some wonderful insight as to who she is, what she does and why she does it. I have a quick question for you. Do you believe the program Google has started called “Panda” is a good or bad thing? Also, have you had any experience with your blog or another website in trying to maximize SEO? I look forward to seeing many more posts on social media and in the meantime keep “diving in.”

  2. I think it is interesting the negative effect that it can have on Facebook friends when you connect too much with other services, especially those that produce a lot of noise on the news feed. Twitter is pretty cool mostly because it is limited and is primarily for the spreading of such information, but when you see it pop up on Facebook it is a little disorientating and takes away from the human element. This is to a degree unfortunate as relevant information can be spread via a Twitter to Facebook feed, but it smacks of problem with knowing about someone’s crops on Farmville because it is a large part of the news feed.

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